Friday, June 3, 2011

Knitting Machine

I am a knitting machine... no, wait... I have a knitting machine! Woo hoo! This machine, a 1950-60's KnitKing AM3 was owned by a gentleman who's wife had passed away and he didn't want to store it anymore. He tried to give it to the local museum, but they already have one. He dropped it off at the local fabric store and said that he wanted it to go to a home where it would get used. I know the owner of the fabric store pretty well, so she gave me a call.
Wow, I have wanted one of these for a long time, but they have been out of my price range.
It didn't come with a manual, but I managed to find on online. I also found some great instructional videos on Diana Sullivan is just one of those wonderful teachers who posts her videos. The machine itself is a little greasy, but in good condition.
Now, to try it out...
I will try to show off my creations in future posts. ;)


elvira said...

Yeay! so excited for you! I sure I'll get some knitting from you! Haha

Esther Allon said...

Yes I am also happy for you. I got mine knitking am3 knitting machine this week in local thrift store. I bought it on a phone and today it was delivered to my door. So happy! One thing is worries me it is those little black sinkers, one was broken. Do you know where I can buy extra parts? Thanks for your time, best wishes, Esther.